This week a friend of mine decided that he wanted to launch several membership websites. Actually, he had wanted to do this for a while, but never really understood how much easier and cheaper it could be than he thought. Like many people, he figured he would have to hire a programmer and spend thousands of dollars developing the site. Imagine his surprise when I told him there were WordPress plugins available to do exactly what he wanted, and that even the most expensive ones were way less than the custom programming he was expecting!

We spent several days looking at all the available WordPress membership programs and ultimately decided on Wishlist Member. Why Wishlist? Because for my customer, it fit the bill! Here are some of features that appealed to us most

  • “Sneak Peak” Content Display - With Wishlist you can show a portion of your content and have rest visible only to members. What a teaser! Show them the first few lines of your article and when they click on more, BAM, they’re bound to sign up to see the rest of it!  This was the feature that we we most interested in and the one that really sold us up front. But then we saw all the other nifty features.
  •  Flexible Membership Options – Free memberships, paid memberships, trial memberships and lots of combinations.
  •  Control Viewed Content – Just click the “Hide” button to protect exclusive content for members of a particular level. Create “modular” memberships and hide content from other levels
  • Easy Payment Integration – Wishlist Member easily integrates with many popular shopping carts and payment systems like Paypal and clickbank.
  • Dozens of Training Videos – One of the best things about Wishlist Member is the training. There are dozens of training videos covering all kinds of topics from basic setup to specific features.

And there are lots more great features that make this an ideal solution if you’re looking for a membeship site.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out Wishlist Member Pro!

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